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It’s been a long, long time.


Hey everybody.

Can I just say how sorry I am that it’s been so long since I last posted?  To be honest, I’ve had recipes and photos ready, but absolutely zero motivation to share them.  Today must be different though.  I decided that I just needed to post.  It had to be done.  It’s a rainy summer day here, and I really should be doing the dishes.  But dishes are about at the bottom of my “What I LIKE To Do” list.  They also score the bottom of my priority list.  Just come over, you’ll understand when you see the piles of dirty dishes on my counter.

So, instead of doing the dishes, I’m sitting down with a cup of Vanilla Nut Creme tea, and I’m [finally] writing a post.  This one won’t include a recipe, but one shall follow SOON, and when I say SOON, I mean like today or tomorrow.  Because, I also decided to make scones before doing the dishes.  You might say they partially inspired me to finally share.  The other factor was the fact that a few people in the last week have said that they love reading about all the food I post.  One guy said, ‘I have one question for you:  Why haven’t you been posting anything?”  I told him that I found out I was pregnant, and that was pretty much it.  It’s amazing how draining creating a baby is.  They are like little energy leeches, even at only a few weeks in there.

Would anybody like an update?  I’m almost 17 weeks pregnant, my baby bump popped last week (out of nowhere), and I’m feeling great, other than being exhausted!  I’m super glad nausea is over with – I was SO tired of feeling sick allllll the time.

A lot has happened since the last post.  I’ll just give a couple highlights from the last few weeks.  Cael turned 1!  How time flies!  We went to a Rascal Flatts concert (have I mentioned that they are my all time favourite, and I actually got to see them LIVE?!).  We also went camping for a night with a bunch of other young families.  And we drove 22 hours to visit some family and friends in Ontario – Which included much driving, Canada’s Wonderland, lots of great food, a beautiful wedding, a bit of shopping, and not enough sleep.  It was really a great time.  How summer is flying by!  It’s insane.  I cannot believe that August has arrived already and has been slipping by as I’ve been trying to put my house back together from all the packing and unpacking and birthday presents that have been going on here.

{Hubby was a photographer for some of our younger friends on prom night.  We both joined them all for dinner.  I got to dress up – definitely the highlight for me… well, along with awesome food.}

I hope this suffices as an apology post.  I will make it up to you with a stellar scone recipe in a short while.  I must go, as my scones need to be removed from the oven – they smell so good!  Peace out guys.  Happy August 2nd!  🙂