Doily Table Runner


I’m back again.  And so soon!  (Not really, but sooner than I expected.)

Doily Runner

With another non-food creation.  All thanks to Pinterest for the great idea (however, I only saw it, and didn’t pin it, so I have no sweet clue where it originally came from).  By the way – follow me on Pinterest!  It’s such a great place for ideas, a good place to waste spend time surfing cool things, and it’s just cool.  So there.  Do it.

Doily Runner


Doily Runner

So, this is really quite ridiculous.  Easy peasy.  Just find some doilies.  Wait – do what I did.  Go to your mom (or grandmother), and ask them if they have any extra kicking around.  I discovered quickly that my mother might just have a fetish…  or maybe it’s my grandmother (I think that’s where they all came from).     Either way, find some doilies. Having a bunch of different ones looks pretty cool.  Then, find some thread and a needle.  Sew them together using small stitches (so they are unnoticeable).  Annnddd…  TAADAA!  C’est tout!  I think it looks really sweet too.  Adds a nice, feminine touch to my living room.

Doily Runner

Hope you guys like the how to’s, instead of just food all the time.  What can I say?  I’m feeling crafty.  Not sure why.  Just am.   If you are hungry though check out this great recipe for Raspberry Scones.  Get a coffee, and eat one o’these yummy devils.  It’ll do you good on this snowy, not-so-springy weekend.  Enjoy!



{I just can’t leave you all without a pic of at least one of the boys.  Cael in Daddy’s hat and a friends shoes.  Great smile.}

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