Finally – A Savoury Dish


Okay, so I told you I’d be awhile posting… I didn’t think I’d be quite this long.  This week has just been insane.  We’ve been at the house working, painting, putting boxes upon boxes upon boxes of stuff away, plus it was my brother’s birthday, Easter this weekend, with all the ordinary-every-week happenings as well.  So needless to say, I’m pooped.  And my brain may perhaps be is slightly (or maybe more than slightly) fried.  The house is coming together though!  We’re moving in this week, which is really good.

Anyhow.  I made these awhile ago, and I wanted to share them with you guys.  Mostly because we made them at a bible camp this summer, and the majority of the attendants had never had them before.  I was shocked!  These are amazing, easy, and a staple in my diet… 😉  Not really, but I need them at least once every two months or so.  They are just SO good.

I know, I know.  I must have turned over a leaf or something.  No baked goods today!

This is a great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes!

Potato Cakes

Leftover mashed potatoes

Summer Savory




The quantities really depend on how much leftover potatoes you have, and personal preference.  This last batch I made, we probably had about 6 cups of leftover potatoes (I KNOW, that’s a LOT, but my brother really likes potatoes, and there are 8 of us in the house, so we make a huge amount of everything).  Anyways, so 6 cups of mashed potatoes, and I put in about 2 heaping tablespoons of summer savory, a dash of salt and pepper, and one egg.

Just mush all the ingredients together.

Shape into patties.

And fry until browned.

Easy as pie!  (Or cakes…?  Potato cakes, that is!)

Please enjoy these, they are soo good.  Growing up (and still many times), we’ll have these with fish sticks and canned beans in molasses.  (One of the few times we use canned beans, as we normally bake our own beans…)  Such a good combo though.  Man.  Yum.

*Oh…  I eat them with ketchup…  is that bad?  It tastes just sooo good.  Or dip them in your beans!  Do it.  Don’t beat it till you try it!  Just thought I’d warn you…  I might be kind of weird when it comes to food combinations.*

So again, I’ll be back to you soon hopefully.  I have a few posts all lined up, I just need time to put them together!  But I’m really hoping that will happen soon!  I miss doing this when there’s such a long break!  I’ll share our Easter adventures with you soon!

How was your Easter?  


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